Boy, 9, seeks overseas treatment


Adama Fatty, a resident of Kunkujang is in desperate race against time to raise money for her nine-year-old son who urgently needs medical treatment abroad.
The kid, Ebrima Ceesay, a student at GOVI is suffering from bilateral chronic uveitis, had loss in the eye, which according to a doctor at Sheikh Zayed Regional eye care centre, Okoh AJ Ophthalmologist, the young boy is progressively losing vision in his left eye, and systemic reviews were not contributory.

The nine-year-old boy also had a B scan done which revealed a retinal detachment in the left eye.
He is presently being rehabilitated, but also hoping to have a possible cataract extraction, retinal detachment surgery and intraocular lens insertion in one sitting.

This, according to the medical report is presently not done in the Sheikh Zayed Regional eye care centre or in the Gambia; “hence we are referring him to seek for this procedure overseas.”
The family can be reached on the following numbers: 3906813/65278903087771.