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Woman, 23, seeks urgent overseas treatment

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Naffie Sanyang, a 23-year-old woman at London Corner has been battling with recurrent nasal bleeding which is non traumatic but associated with the loss of bright red blood for nine years and is now seeking for urgent overseas treatment to end her nightmare.

According to the medical report from Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, the episodes are periodical but not time specific and not associated with activity.
However, she has numerous clinic and hospital visits but with unregistered improvement.
“She has no known history of diabetes, hypertension, clothing disorder or any other chronic medical illness,” the report said.

Examination reports disclosed that “she was found to be stable, not pale anicteric, acyanosed and not in any form of distress”.
“Local examination revealed a dry nasal mucosa but with no active bleeding or signs of recent bleeding systematic examinations was not remarkable,” the report added.

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The report also stated that investigations included a clotting profile which revealed a prothrombin time of 19 seconds and an INR of 1.4 and an abdominopelvic ultrasound which revealed a follicular cyst in the left ovary of a dimension of 24*27mm.”

Meanwhile, the medical report from Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in 2010 said Naffie had a history of haemetemsis repeatedly.
She attended various hospitals as outpatient and has been admitted on few occasions at A/E (Accident and Emergency wards) for observations and treatment.
“She had endoscopy done at M.R.C (Medical Research Council) one of the U.K branch five months and was told to have early DU.”

Speaking to The Standard, the utterly desperate 23-year-old said: “I have had numerous clinic and hospital visits both here and in Dakar but no success. Due to my illness I had to drop out of school in my grade nine.
“I need urgent help from the government, private donors or anyone so that I get my life back because I feel constant and endless pains,” she said.
The family can be reached on the following numbers: 7215108/ 9721830/3974510

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