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UK solar giants to invest in Gambia’s energy sector

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By Aminata Ceesay

S4N Africa Limited, a London-based solar company in partnership with Energy4Gambia, E4G are currently discussing with NAWEC and other government stakeholders in the energy as they plan to invest heavily in the country’s electricity sector.

The young company, which is currently registered at 19 Half Moon Lane SE24 9JU, London has 2 directors, Peter Mark Keep and Ashley Seager, a former Reuters and the Guardian Energy Columnist.
Speaking to journalists on the latest development, the Managing Director RASDA Energy Abs Sheikh Tijan Ndoye said their decision to invest in the Gambia’s energy sector was conceived from a discussion he had with S4N’s two directors Peter Mark Keep and Ashley Seager.

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He emphasised that S4N solar company, which has 22 megawatts has all the needed capacity to contribute immensely in the country’s energy sector, “if we are given the necessary support from NAWEC and other government energy stakeholders.”

Adding: “RASDA Energy and S4N Africa limited have signed a memorandum of understanding to implement a project that will have a capacity of 100 megawatts. All what is keeping that at the moment is our discussion with Nawec, ministry of energy and Petroleum. We are still in talks with the various sectors and stakeholders of government.

“We believe that this project is crucial for the Gambia and it’s after ending 22-year rule of Jammeh. We also believe that there is no country which can develop without having a proper electricity supply,” he said.
He said the project will both increase electricity reliability and create more job opportunity for the Gambian youth folk, “the project will also help NAWEC to become a profitable business entity, because its supply of power will be more reliable and sustainable.

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“The type of model we have to develop this project is very important, we will build the project, operate it,” he said.
He said after 20 to 25 years they will hand over the project to the government, “it will then become Gambia’s own.”

Adding: “We will also train some Gambian youth on energy, especially the women, because we believe women are still lacking behind in that sector.”
Meanwhile, the director of S4N Africa Ashley Seager limited said: “It’s a great opportunity for the Gambia to enhance its natural resources, especially given the fact that, Gambia has the best environment for solar energy in the World.”

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