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Kerewan embarks on environ regeneration exercise

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By Samsideen Ceesay

The native of Kerewan on Saturday embarked on a massive environmental regeneration exercise as well as clean-up exercise dubbed ‘setsettal’ held at the outskirt of the villages.
The initiative is a community-led project that is earmarked to reunite the people of Kerewan as well as conserve the protected settlement of the community.

Speaking at the event, the permanent secretary, ministry of environment, climate change and natural resources, Lamin Jawara said the cleansing exercise is a reunion call, noting that the objective is to bring the youth, people of Kerewan and Lower Baddibu together to have a common purpose, goal and development.
He added: “The main objective is to bring everybody together and to bring about that brotherliness and that family reunion so that everybody will feel the same to ensure that we work together to the development of the community.

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“We have not been happy with the rate of development in Kerewan but we believe that we have the potential to grow like any other center in the country. Kerewan has the potential to grow with unity among the people”.
Alhagie Jawara, NAM, Lower Baddibu Constituency, said women are the bedrock of this project and they have contributed immensely to the success of this exercise, while commending the youth of Kerewan for their efforts to the success of the cleanup exercise.

“I commend the people of Kerewan for their effort and steadfastness for paving way for the young ones. Reconciliation is the bedrock which has brought this idea, we want to build a strong unification among the people that’s why we came out with this initiative”

“There are other activities that we will embark on after the environmental clean-up exercise. I am impressed with the caliber of people that have turned up for the exercise. This shows that the people of Kerewan are really ready for unification,” he said.
Chief of the district, Fabally Kinteh also spoke at the event.

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