‘Brave’ Lamin Camara rues Bakau final defeat


One of the players who put gloss on the zone’s campaign is of course Lamin Camara. The powerful sensation and Super Nawettan star midfielder fittingly called Brave has expressed his profound sadness over the narrow loss to Serekunda East in the final  on Sunday. 

Widely regarded by most fans at the East park to be the man of the match and one of the tournament’s emerging stars, ‘Brave’ yesterday appealed to his fans  and those of the entire Bakau Zonal team to  swallow the defeat in good faith and  look forward to the next competition. 

“This is football which has no logic and tendency. We were just unfortunate and sad we lost the final and are sorry to the fans who were expecting us to bring the trophy to Bakau,” he said.  He explained in a rather tearful mood that Bakau fought with confidence and hope but it was never to be their day.


On what next for Bakau, Brave said Bakau knows how to play zonals and they will regroup and come back with more strength next year. He also expressed delight over the good behaviour of the Bakau fans this year.

Brave concluded by humbly lauding his own performance in the two weeks tourney saying he thanked God for it.