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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Brikama is center-stage in the battle for Football House

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At least two candidates, Buba Mbye Bojang and Lamin Kaba Bojang are resident in the town with each claiming a sizeable following in the town.

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The votes that are for grabs in Brikama are divided as follows: two clubs, Brikama United and Bombada FC have one vote each while the West Coast  Regional Football Association, which is headquartered in the town has three votes. Even though membership of the regional body spreads across the region, the body’s president Abdou Karim Sey is also resident in Brikama.

Over the past week, the town witnessed a frenzy, as Team Kaba stormed the town with radio and person-to-person campaign said to have punched a hole in the otherwise solidified unison in the town’s football politics. 

Brikama is among the greatest supporters of the Kebbeh camp with both Bombada and Brikama United openly supporting him   in last year’s elections. The regional football body was also widely believed to have been sympathetic to him.

In the current politics too, Bombada made a public statement  that it did not support Bajo following reports that the team had nominated him. And even with Kebbeh out of the race, Bombada has not changed that. However there are reports that some members of the club do not share that position. As for Brikama United FC, the clear path is tilting in Buba Bojang’s favour at least if the pronouncements of team official Alhagie Darboe are anything to go by.

But the regional football association president Abdou Karim Sey is with Team Kaba, having appeared at his maiden press conference. Can you see the juxtapose?


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