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Brimawa School clocks ten, observes Thanksgiving celebration

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JSA Kemokai

Brimawa School, comprising family of its Daycare, Nursery, Lower and Upper Basic School, located in Bundung close to Nusrat Senior School observed its tenth year Thanksgiving Ceremony on Sunday, 7th May 2018.
Since its inception in 2008, this school has set a day aside each year for Thanksgiving to Almighty God and man.

During this celebration, the management of the school appreciates Almighty God for His mercy and benevolence on one hand and on another, parents, guardians and all those who have contributed positively to the development of the school. This year’s celebration was a grand one that was preceded by a march past of school children led by the National Scout Band.

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The school is managed by veteran educationists, a married couple, Mr and Mrs Kemokai who have spent all their lives in the field of education. The vision of the school is to give good quality education foundations at affordable cost to all children especially children from poor background that will be able to meet the entry requirements of Nusrat Senior Secondary School after completing their Upper Basic School education.

In their thanksgiving address this year, the couple among other things thanked Almighty God for excelling in their endeavors throughout these ten years. Key successes include the Lower Basic section emerging first in the essay competition organized by United Nations in 2016 for the Lower Basic Schools category; in 2016, the school also came with outstanding NAT results and in 2016, the school scored 95% topping 21 schools that were selected and evaluated by Ministry of Basic and Secondary School CCM team in region one.

The chairman for the occasion was Mr Karamo S Bojang, Principal Nusrat Senior Secondary School. Certificates of appreciation were given to deserving parents, teachers, individuals and organizations during the occasion.

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Current developments
The community of Bundung and its environs are awakening to the positive impact Brimawa School is having rapidly on the lives of the children in these communities. Brimawa School is becoming a household name in the Bundung community. Though the school has no major sponsors, it has never deviated from its original objectives. That is, to provide good quality and affordable education for all children especially the less privileged children. There is one testimony that is on the lips of all parents. That is, Brimawa School is a good school with affordable fees.


Despite these positive developments we have our challenges. Key among our challenges. We need our own land to operate. Currently, we are renting in all our locations and the rent is huge. Would you rather help us acquire our own land? God bless you as you do. The provision of adequate furniture and computers for the school continues to pose serious problems for the school. The school would very much appreciate donations of furniture, computers etc for us to put a smile on the faces of many children.


Locations and contacts
BRIMAWA NURSERY SCHOOL opposite Modou Musa Clinic, London Corner, Serekunda
BRIMAWA LOWER & UPPER BASIC SCH Bundung Bantaba Street, Bundung, Serrekunda

Contacts:9944955/7581356/7325736/9937238/3440332, Email: [email protected]

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