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Buba Janneh: No word from Caf on ‘appeal’

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Social media is filled with speculations that Caf in fact set April 14 as the day of judgment in the alleged appeal.

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But Mr Janneh said: “We have not got anything on that. In fact, if anything, what we got from Caf just yesterday was an advice informing us of the identification of a match  commissioner and officials of the return leg.”

Meanwhile, another football guru has added his voice to attempts at interpreting the rules governing the Under-20 championship. Preferring not to be named, he said: ”The rules being talked about at both Caf and Fifa refer to the actual tournament, for example, in this case, the Dakar March 8-22, 2015 championship. As for the qualifiers, anyone who is not exactly over 20 years can play. None of the players queried by Liberia are 20 years.”


BY Lamin Cham


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