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Bundung cemetery electrified

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By Maimuna Sey-Jawo

The APRC Councillor for Bundung 6 Junction, has moved to fulfill a campaign promise of bringing development by installing 12 lamp poles at the Bundung Central cemetery.
This development was possible through collaboration with councillor Mr Sulayman Jammeh and the Bundung 6 junction ward committee.
The installation exercise was carried out last weekend and people including imam, council of elders, youths and others took part.

Speaking, Sulayman Jammeh commended the people of Bundung for ensuring his return to the council for the second term through elections, saying it was based on “trust and confident”.
He said he was able to implement numerous projects within his first 100 days in office, and the installation of these 12 lamps poles was not an exception.
He said the installation of this light is the first of its kind in the history of Bundung.

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However, he said without unity among the people of Bundung, the development wouldn’t have been possible.
He said the poles will help the community, and suggested from now on, even night burials would not be inconvenient.
He said: “I feel that also the cemetery is the last place where every human will return, so as a result it is necessary to take proper care of the place”.

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