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BYSA respond to suspension order

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The Regional body has said the move to suspend BYSA was done in good faith so that fair investigations can be conducted into the row between it and some members who wanted an early congress. They also said they are not targeting anyone for removal from BYSA.

 However in their letter of response to the suspension, obtained by The Standard, the BYSA leadership took issues with manner the whole saga was handled and advised the regional body  to allow its own sanctioned investigation to be completed first, before taking decisions. Below we reproduced the full content of the BYSA letter.

 ”We received with great disappointment and dismay your letter on the above caption and the attached report on the complaint from team reps of BYSA as indicated in your letter.

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Through the WCRSC, we have been informed that the NSC had received a complaint from team reps demanding an early congress and had requested WCRSC to stop all activities of BYSA, investigate and report back; in turn the WCRSC set a task force committee to conduct the investigation.

We would have expected that as a matter of procedure, the task force committee, after completing its investigation, should report to WCRSC for action on the report. In doing so the task force committee and the regional sports committee will take full account of the realities and facts presented in accordance with the constitution of BYSA not in a bias and unjust manner as demonstrated by the chairman WCRSC.

To our surprise and disappointment, neither the task force committee nor the West Coast Region Sports Committee had ever met to finalise any report on this issue and act accordingly.

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The report was finalised by Abdoulie Badjie the chairman WCRSC.

BYSA firmly believed that:

1. This report did not emanate from the task force committee set by WCRSC as claimed;

2. The report is tailor- made, and not a true reflection of the facts and realities presented by the executive and the general team reps that distance themselves from the move;

3. The report was manipulated and procedures and facts distorted which involve the  collective participation in both the task force committee and West Coast Region Sports Committee in reaching a decision for reasons best known to him;

4. We hereby conclude that the chairman of the  WCRSC engage the task force committee to finalise the report for onward submission to West Coast Region Sports Committee to redress not this matter as expressed in your letter and report and BYSA constitution cannot be ignored.

5. We look forward to a report that is in conformity with the letter and spirit of BYSA constitution not in any way otherwise.

It is our ardent hope that justice will guide our actions towards the common good and that the constitution of BYSA stands to prevail on the tenure of the executive not otherwise”.


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