Caliph General says late Oussou Njie Senor’s final days were filled with religious righteousness


Caliph General of Pirang has celebrated the life of the late Oussou Njie Senor, saying during his active life-time he has helped humanity which culminated into huge support towards the Islamic religion.

Last week, Caliph General Seedou Mukhtarr Gassama hosted a Quranic recitation in honour of the late legendary musician and composer at his Pirang residence where he said Mr Njie’s final days on earth were filled with religious righteousness.

Ousu Njie Senor passed away last month. He was the founder of Super Eagles band, one of the greatest Senegambian music groups of all time.


“Oussou Njie Senor and his family has been a good friend of mine and we have shared many things in common towards the empowerment of the Islamic religion,” Caliph General Gassama said. “His last days were focused on supporting the religion and helping the needy.”

The Quranic recitation was attended by the Njie family of Banjul and religious leaders from Kombo East, South and Central. The founding member of Super Eagles band, Oussou Njie Senor has inspired a generation of Senegambia musicians and beyond, writing host of songs including ‘Gambia Sunu Rew’ meaning Gambia our homeland and ‘Halayli Africa’ meaning children of Africa.

Caliph General Gassama said from Bakara to Nas of the Holy Qur’an, Allah has warned mankind to be cautious of violence and instability, saying the late Oussou Njie Senor was a peaceful man and a peacemaker who loved The Gambia and her people and always sing songs of peace and righteousness. “We will continue to pray for the peace of the country and the world.”

Saidou Ndoye, one of the senior sons of the Njie family of Banjul said it was Allah and the love for the Islamic religion that brought their late father and the Caliph General together. “Today, we are praying for two of our late family members in the person of Oussou Njie Senor and one of his grand sons who died in an accident in the United States a year ago.”

Sheikh Omar Njie, one of the senior brothers of the Njie family said the late Oussou Njie Senor was not only a veteran musician but also a religious philanthropist.