CepRass ‘vindicated’ after NPP victory

CepRass 'vindicated' after NPP victory


By Alagie Manneh

The head of CepRass, the research organisation that predicted the victory of President Barrow, said the results of the presidential elections released yesterday validated their work.

A week before the election, CepRass released the results of a second poll on a survey in which it predicted an NPP victory in all regions of The Gambia. The first poll also predicted victory for Barrow and was criticised by opposition elements.


Reacting to the election results as a reflection on their poll, CepRass executive director Lamin Dampha told The Standard that they feel “vindicated”.

He said: “Even if you look at our projections, they said Barrow was likely to win in all the regions in The Gambia which has come to pass. That shows that the methodology we used was effective and accurate. This is correct in all areas except the West Coast Region. Our survey did not cover Kombo North and that’s why we didn’t predict [the NPPs victory] there.”