Charity builds 2 mosques, distributes over D3M worth of food aid


HMD Charity Foundation, a non-profit international organisation established by young Gambians to support needy families has recently inaugurated two mosques in Tanji and Casamance worth D1.4 million and distributed over D1 million food aid across the country.

The charity has over the years built its reputation in changing the lives of many poor Gambians including street girls, widows, orphans and poor families.

Last year, the charity built a house for a couple who spent the whole of that year’s raining season in a corrugated hut in unbearable circumstances which include being on their feet every time it rains and having to sleep on a bare mat for 8 months.


Run by Gambian youth, HMD supports over 1000 families every Ramadan, builds over fifteen Mosques, constructed nine shelters for homeless families, supported over 30 families with a business package and helped three sisters get off the street and change their lives. The charity also has an orphanage with over 150 orphans.

In 2023, the charity distributed D3,750,000 worth of food items during the month Ramadan, provided D150,000 business empowerment projects and constructed 20 boreholes and 30 wells, two shelters worth D300,000 each in Brufut and Kuntaya village and feed 750 families monthly. It has also provided food packages to 1,250 families, 164 Zakat Al-Fitr packs, 280 Fidyah/Kaffara packs, 11, 200 free iftar meals, Eid gift to 420 orphans and 145 goats for charity.

“Together, we have made a big difference in the lives of thousands around the world. Something that started small in The Gambia is now touching lives globally. We pray that Allah grants our wishes and continues to bless all who donated or participated in the distributions,” Saikou Balajo, HMD executive director told The Standard.