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City Link Banjul-Ostend donates hunting societies in Banjul

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By Olimatou Coker

The City Link Banjul-Ostend project funded by the European Union has recently donated over 30,000 dalasis to hunting societies in Banjul.

The gesture is part of the project’s component for sustainable city development and is the result of a ‘Joint Bi-Monthly’ cleansing exercise with the biggest youth gathering conference (NAYCONF). At an exercise held at Atlantic Beach in Banjul.

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The city of Banjul is well known for hosting mega hunting and other feasts during the Christmas holiday and New Year.

Speaking, Omar Touray, the Deputy Mayor of BCC, said the youth in the city need to help in making sure they adhere to sustainable city development.

“Those coconuts should be preserved and it should be everyone’s responsibility to take care of them,” he said.

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He urged members of the hunting societies to always abstain from any physical violence during their performances.

Babucarr Ceesay, the second vice president of the Banjul Cultural Committee, emphasized that hunting is part of their culture and something they must lead the young ones too. “But since it is the fault of the committee in neglecting their responsibilities, sometimes the cultural events may not go as smoothly as their generation.”

He said their committee is dormant. The last time they had a meeting was in December 2021.

For his part, Peter Vanslambrouck, Project Coordinator of City Link Ostend Banjul in Belgium, applauded the youth for their tireless efforts in making sure the city of Banjul and the coconut trees are well taken care of.

He informed that soil erosion and climate change are a reality, but that ‘if they do’ it in a way that can be very sustainable they can face free interesting economic outcomes.

“Beach conservation can add value to the sustainability of the coconuts and the environment,” he said.

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