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By Omar Bah

The mobiliser general of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction has said that Hamat Bah’s claim that Jammeh hated Jaliba Kuyateh the most and has never given him money is false.
Yankuba Colley, who also doubles as Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council, was speaking in an exclusive interview with The Standard on Tuesday at his house.
“I think Hamat Bah should have asked Jaliba Kuyateh before making such absurd and disgrace allegations against the former president,” he said.

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“For Hamat Bah to say Jammeh has never given Jaliba Kuyateh money, is untrue and miscalculation of facts. I can vehemently remember Jammeh giving me money to give to Jaliba on several occasions. I still remember the last time was in Kanilai,” he added.
He said on that very day although Jammeh decided to leave when Jaliba was about to go on stage, he did give money to hand over to Jaliba before he left.

“In fact that cannot be true because we have seen the songs Jaliba sang for Jammeh, so there is no way on earth that Jammeh can hate Jaliba. That is not true.
“You see, we should stop creating more confusion in our beloved country, especially in a time we claim to be reconciling. We cannot achieve anything by lying against Jammeh or the APRC. Enough is enough! Let them start providing the needed services for Gambians, that is what is expected of a government,” he said.

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