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Colley says commission is a witch-hunt

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The APRC national mobiliser who doubles as mayor of Kanifing municipality, Yankuba Colley, has told The Standard newspaper that the commission probing former head of state and APRC leader is a “witch-hunt”.
Colley, who confessed he does not watch the commission because he does not want to have “[high blood] pressure”, said it is selective justice.

“It [the Janneh Commission] is a witch-hunt. It is selective justice. Jammeh ruled for 22 years and almost all those people at the commission were part of the government,” Colley told paper’s weekly column Bantaba.
“One thing I will tell you is, I have never listened to the commission. I don’t know what is happening at the commission because it doesn’t interest me. Even if I am called to go there, I will, but it will not interest me… I feel it will disturb me. I have an easy life. I don’t want to have pressure.”

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Mayor Colley said he cannot still believe that his party is not in power, describing the shock that their election defeat caused.

Read Bantaba with Omar Wally on opposite page for details.

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