Comium sends about 100 staff home after suspension


By Tabora Bojang

In compliance with its suspension over failure to pay licenses, spectrum fees and international gateway for two years, GSM operator Comium has temporarily sent over 100 staff home, pending the final outcome of developments, The Standard has learnt.

A source within the management confirmed that Comium has for now complied with the directive following a general staff meeting yesterday.


From midnight Tuesday, the company was expected to shut down its operations for a period of one month.   The company is said to have about 120 Gambian employees.

During the meeting, the management informed the staff that they are expected to sit home because their services might not be required within the suspension period and assured them that the management is working towards addressing the matter.

According to a dispatch by the Ministry of Information, the suspension runs from October 5th to November 4th 2021 within which Comuim shall not provide telephone, internet and other services to its subscribers.

According to our source, even though the company had no choice but follow the directive of Pura and its line Ministry, the senior management is “equally fumed” with the steps taken by the government because “millions of dalasi are being owed to Comium by Gamtel” on interconnection fees and interests since the reign of former president Jammeh but “no efforts” were made to repay the sum.

“At one point, it nearly reached D100 million. We sued them for less than D40 million and the court ruled in our favor,” our source added.

The Standard has learnt that the company will be holding a press briefing and a mini protest inside its offices today.