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Commissioner says Ousainou Bojang confessed killing his officers

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By Bruce Asemota

Police Commissioner, Momodou Sowe of the Anti-Crime Unit, has yesterday told the High Court presided over by Justice Jaiteh that the suspect in the killing of two PIU officers and the wounding of a third on September 12, Ousainou Bojang, has confessed to him that he shot the three officers at Sukuta-Jabang traffic light junction.

Commissioner Sowe made this revelation yesterday whilst testifying before the High Court as the 5th prosecution witness in the murder trial of Bojang and his sister Amie who is charged with accessory.

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In his long testimony, Commissioner Sowe told the court that he knew Ousainou Bojang after the incident that took the lives of Sang Gomez, Pateh Jallow and injuring Ansy Jawo, a police constable.

The witness said he knew the 2nd accused person too Amie Bojang after the shooting incident.

He explained that on that particular day, after he closed from work, he received a call from his officers that there was a shooting incident and that a gunman attacked three of his officers, killing two and injuring a third one.

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He further explained that he informed his superiors about the incident and drove immediately to the crime scene to find a lot of security officers and witnesses, and whilst the crime scene was preserved, some empty cases of bullet were recovered.

Commissioner Sowe said he deployed officers to continue on the man-hunt for the suspect before going to hospital to check on Ansy Jawo, the third victim.

He said the next day, he received a call from the police headquarters that someone will call him and give him information about the issue.

Commissioner Sowe told the court that after communicating with the person, he invited him to his office where he got detailed information from him and the person disclosed his identity as Musa Camara.

The witness said Musa Camara told him that a lady gave him information that the suspect that they are searching for is being arrested in Djouloulou in southern Senegal.  Sowe said Camara told him this happened after the suspect had a conversation with the lady confessing to her that he had shot officers at Sukuta-Jabang traffic light Junction and that he was on the run to flee from the jurisdiction.

Commissioner Sowe told the court that he led a convoy of three vehicles to the border town of Giboro where they met Gambian officers and one Mama Jabbi and he explained their mission to them and they proceeded to Djouloulou Gendarmerie station where the suspect was kept in custody.

Commissioner Sowe revealed that he explained their mission to them in connection to the suspect and after observing the usual protocols, the Gendarmerie escorted them to the border town of Giboro and handed Ousainou Bojang to them and they drove back to the Gambia.

Commissioner Sowe told the court that whilst inside the vehicle enroute to the Gambia, he introduced himself to the suspect as the Commissioner of Anti-Crime Unit and he told the suspect that the officers who were killed were working under him and he assured the suspect of his safety and that nothing will happen to him and that the rule of law will be observed accordingly.

Commissioner Sowe said he began asking the suspect questions about the incident but the suspect told him at the beginning of their conversation that the reason he fled the Gambia was as a result of a white lady posting his naked pictures on social media.

The witness told the court that when he further questioned the suspect, he changed the story and explained how the shooting incident happened.

“He confessed to me that he did the act using a pistol,” Commissioner Sowe said

He explained that when the suspect was further questioned about the vehicle stationed at the vicinity of the crime scene with a broken windscreen, the suspect said the shot at the windscreen was intended for PC Ansy Jawo.

Commissioner Sowe told the court how the suspect told him the route he took to escape.

He said upon arrival at the Anti-Crime Unit camp, he held briefings with his officers and he dispatched a team of investigators to Brufut to the suspect’s room at a lodge where he works.

He further said a grey Kaftan trouser, canvass shoe and a black jean inside a bucket of water were recovered and a desert combat boot was recovered and the items are currently in the custody of the Forensic officers.

Commissioner Sowe testified that the suspect also explained to him how the 2nd accused Amie Bojang, his sister, facilitated his escape by providing a Mercedes Benz Taxi C-Class that took them to Darsilami border village in West Coast Region and he entered into Senegal.

Commissioner Sowe told the court that the suspect told him that the pistol was recovered in an empty orchard near the crime-scene.

Hearing continues on Thursday.

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