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Constitutional review

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The chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission has been appointed. This is indeed long overdue.

It was hoped that as soon as the new government took office, this would be prioritised. It is therefore welcome news.

The Constitution was so battered during the previous regime that it just wouldn’t do in a modern democratic state as many clauses were inserted there which aimed only to entrench dictatorship. Thus, there is absolute need to review the entire constitution in order to see which ones should be repealed and which should be amended.

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There is no doubt that the Commission’s work will need to be very thorough and comprehensive. They will need to consult very widely indeed to embrace as many viewpoints as possible. The various interest groups in the country will need to present their views and ideas for consideration.

There are key things which have to be looked into and tackled in the reviewer’s work. As we desire to become more a democratic country, laws that will enhance the democratisation process need to be given priority. For instance, there should certainly be a law on term limits, simple majority and so on and so forth.

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