Court denies bail for serial rape suspect


By Aisha Tamba

The High Court in Kanifing yesterday rejected the bail application of one Mr Michael, filed by his lawyer. The accused person is standing trial for allegedly raping two women and faces eight charges ranging from indecent assault to child pornography. He denied all charges.

His counsel told the court that Micheal has been remanded since 2017 and pleaded that he be granted bail since the offences he is charged with are bailable.


However, the state counsel reminded the court that the accused person has been charged with two counts of rape, two counts of indecent act, two counts of child pornography. He argued that the accused person is not a Gambian and granting him bail is like giving him a visa to Nigeria. “The court should consider what signal it’s sending to the society. The accused person is not entitled to bail and he is not in a position of trust,” the state consul stated.

Justice AT Osei denied the bail application, stating that the defence counsel did not assure the court that his client could be trusted.