Court dismisses customers’ suit against Nawec

Court dismisses customers' suit against Nawec


By Aisha Tamba

The Kanifing High Court has dismissed a complaint filed by Modou and Susan Nying against Nawec seeking an order for the public utilities company to disconnect all pipes belonging to their neighbours which they alleged were wrongfully connected to their main water supply pipe.

The UK-based Nyings said in 2012 they applied to the Nawec for water supply to their newly-constructed house in Brufut. They said Nawec advised them to buy a bigger sized water pipe to connect them from the main water supply. 


According to them, they paid D90,742.80 for the installation of the big water pipes to guarantee them provision of high water pressure in December 2012.

They alleged that after the installation, they enjoyed continuous water supply for a short period of time until they discovered that Nawec had connected seven homes in their vicinity to their pipe leading them to low water pressure.

Delivering his judgement, Justice Osei Tutu said the couple failed to provide sufficient evidence to support their suit.

“Accordingly, in the absence of the plaintiffs’ sufficiently proving their case, the failure of the defendant to lead any evidence does not avail them,” he noted, before dismissing the case.

He threw out the Nyings’ D150,000 legal fee claim and instead ordered them to pay a D20,000 cost to Nawec.