CPA calls for investigation into child’s death

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By Awa Macalo

The Child Protection Alliance has expressed dismay over the circumstances surrounding the death of one Muhammed, the child at the center of Bubacarr Keita’s rape trial. The boy was left unattended in a locked car for nearly four hours. He later developed complications and eventually died in a hospital in Dakar, Senegal.

In a statement shared with The Standard, CPA said: “We are of the considered view that the circumstances surrounding the death of Muhammed are scanty.  To this end, CPA wishes to call on the concerned authorities to immediately and thoroughly investigate the matter and bring the perpetrators to book, especially where foul play is established.


CPA is equally concerned with the publication of videos and images of the deceased child and the victim (mother) on social media platforms. This may constitute a violation of the laws protecting the rights of children. We, therefore, call on the public to desist from exposing children who are victims of crime to further harm or degrading treatment through their publications.”

The statement added: “It is important to note that Child Protection Alliance has been keenly monitoring the ongoing rape case against Mr Bubacarr Keita.

Finally, we want to remind the government of its primary duty as enshrined in Article 66 (a/b) of the Children’s Act 2005; towards the safeguarding, protecting and promoting the welfare of children.”