Darboe confident Barrow will return to UDP


By Omar Bah The leader of the United Democratic Party, Ousainu Darboe has said that he is confident President Adama Barrow will return to the party after his term ends. “I know when his presidency ends, whenever it maybe, the house he knows is the UDP and he will go to that house. That is what I see,” he told party supporters at the Buffer Zone in a well attended political rally. Mr Darboe said Barrow resigned from UDP to save Gambia and that is why when he met him after coming out from prison on 5 December 2016, he likened his [Barrow] story to that of Prophet Musa and the Pharaoh. Warning to parliamentarians Darboe also warned his national assembly members to respect their integrity and stay away from any conduct that will bring their image into disrepute. “Your integrity matters a lot. That is why you are called honorable members of parliament,” he noted. Darboe said parliamentarians should remember that they were elected on a UDP ticket and therefore, they shouldn’t act outside the confines of the UDP code of conduct and laws of the land. He added: “If any of our elected members does anything contrary to the UDP principles he or she will be dealt with, because the party has not been known for that since the beginning.” He warned that just because section 90(d) of the constitution is changed should not lead anyone to do anything contrary to the party’s principles. The UDP leader also maintained that his party will not tolerate a youth movement that will operate parallel to that of the party’s. “UDP recognises only the United Democratic Party youth wing and no other,” he said.]]>