Darboe says UDP gov’t will not engage in revenge


By Amadou Jadama

TheUnited Democratic Party leader has said that his party has no intention to engage in revenge if elected in December.

Critics of the party have both publicly and privately suggested that because of huge suffering the party and its leaders endured under former president Jammeh, the UDP will resort to revenge if elected into office.    However, addressing thousands of UDP supporters in Sukuta on Saturday, Ousainu Darboe said he will not lead a government that will engage in revenge against its opponents.


“When I was released from prison in 2016, before reaching my house, I was asked by journalists at Mile 2 whether I would forgive Yahya Jammeh and I said I forgave him for everything he did to me as a person but I cannot stop the course of justice against him. I don’t have that power,” Darboe said.

Darboe said it is common that politicians who wish to challenge dictators expect to go to prison, be arrested among other things.

“But the new Gambia which the Gambian people desire and deserve is not yet achieved and we must all come out on the 4 December to vote for the UDP,” he said.

Mr Darboe told his audience that the work ahead of the UDP government would not allow the luxury of a long victory celebration and so work will start almost immediately.

He accused President Barrow of bragging about projects and work which would not have been possible without the backing of UDP members in parliament.

He tasked his supporters to tighten their belts to ensure that they get rid of Barrow’s regime in the upcoming December 4 presidential election.

Darboe called on the youth to come together and have a common destiny to restore hope and trust of the Gambian people by voting for the UDP.

“It is your responsibility to lead a responsible government and I want to appeal to all of you that nobody should stay at home on the 4 December because those who refused to vote share the blame when a bad government is elected,” Darboe said.