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By Talibeh Hydara

UDP leader Ousainu Darboe has enjoined Gambia police to arrest a UDP supporter who called on others to “come out, make bombs and burn down the country.”

A viral WhatsApp audio emerged Tuesday with the UDP supporter asking his colleagues to make “Gambia’s destruction bigger than Rwanda’s”.

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The audio, which was shared so many times that WhatsApp restricted forwarding it to just one contact at a time, emanated from UDP Santangba Kafo social media platform. 

The audio subsequently reached fact-checkers and security who flagged it as “dangerous and inciting”.

The man, who’s still unidentified, received widespread condemnation from Gambians across the globe.

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UDP leader Ousainu Darboe, who also released a WhatsApp countering the supporter yesterday, called on the police to investigate and prosecute him, describing the supporter as an enemy of Gambia.

“I listened to a particular audio from Santangba UDP Kafoo. Whoever released that audio is an enemy of The Gambia. It is somebody who doesn’t want Gambia, he is a troublemaker, he is bent on destroying The Gambia. If you know you’re a Gambian, whether UDP or not, don’t listen and don’t believe these satanic people. That was only meant to destroy Gambia, a country known for only peace,” he said.

Darboe said any peaceful Gambian will not instigate violence to destabilise the country.

“Telling people to come out and make bombs is the most destructive statement ever. He is a crook Gambian and I want to call on the police to investigate, trace and arrest him. The person he was talking to, Sarjo Jarju, can be traced; with advanced technology it is possible. Whoever encourages violence more tragic than that of Rwanda should be investigated. In fact, I suspect he is not a UDP supporter. There are people disguising themselves as UDP calling for violence. I don’t know anything except to respect prayers and laws. These destroyers of the country; these crooks of the country, spreading these filthy views pretending to be warriors but if there is violence, they would be the first to run away. If you [the instigator] are a UDP supporter, leave the party today because we don’t want Satan in UDP. We want people who will promote peace and stability in the country,” he added.

The particular supporter referenced a reported court case, which, according to him, will decide whether to carry out his evil plans if they are not satisfied with the ruling.

UDP spokesman Almamy Taal rubbished any court case last night to Malagen. Darboe followed suit.

“Who even told you we are going to court? That is the biggest lie ever. No paper has been submitted to the court so why would you be misleading people? You’re destroying the name of my party. You’re destroying my name. I don’t know who you’re but you’re the crookest Gambian. You’re the enemy of Gambia. You’re not supporting me; you just want to destroy this country,” Darboe chided.

Since Darboe’s defeat in Saturday’s polls, results of which he rejected, his Pipeline residence has been a rather consolatory venue for the supporters.

But, since riot police clashed with supporters resulting in teargas cannisters landing in his house, Darboe now wants his home to be only for those invited.

“To UDP supporters, don’t gather in my home. If I call you, come but I don’t want you to come here,” he warned.

Speaking to The Standard about the audio, police spokesman ASP Lamin Njie, said it is now under investigation.

“I have sent the video for investigations and will share findings with you,” he said, without adding further details.

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