Darboe urges police to rearrest woman behind offensive tribal audio

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By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the United Democratic Party has called on the country’s law enforcement officers to treat people equally and with fairness.

Commenting on the recent case of a woman reported to police for offensive tribal remarks, Ousainu Darboe said the police should re-arrest Fanta Jawara and charged her with sedition for offensive tribal comments against the Jola tribe. Darboe described her actions as dangerous.


UDP leader made this call at Kerr Serign over the weekend as he addressed supporters ahead of the upcoming mayoral and chairmanship elections.

Darboe argued that the police treated the woman’s case leniently because she is a supporter of the ruling NPP. 

The UDP leader said security agents should learn from the Jammeh dictatorship when officers who enabled dictatorship ended up with a very bad experience. “So I want to urge you not to defend President Barrow on falsehood,” Darboe said.

He said the actions of the woman is caused by the statement President Barrow told his supporters, not to fear anything.  “Somebody who recorded an audio wanting to start violence between the Mandinka and Jola tribes was arrested but later released because she is a supporter of NPP. You think that is justice? Can that bring peace and stability in the country,”? Darboe asked.

Darboe further stated that injustice is the recipe for instability. :If you want peace and stability to prevail in the country everyone must be treated equally and with fairness,” Darboe said.

The UDP leader advised his supporters to always maintain peace and report anyone who wants to buy their votes.