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‘Darboe will lead UDP in next presidential election’


By Omar Bah The deputy party leader of United Democratic Party, Aji Yamou Secka has said that Ousainu Darboe is going to be the party’s candidate in the next presidential election. “Ousainu Darboe is our party leader and we are going to re-elect him in our upcoming congress. He is going to lead the party in the next presidential election,” Madam Secka told journalists on the sidelines of the UDP regional congress in Brikama. The UDP Number 2 further said: “President Barrow is not even contesting to lead the UDP. He is not looking for the position; people are just talking.” She said the decision for Darboe to lead the party in the upcoming presidential election was unanimously taken by the UDP and not Darboe. “Ousainu Darboe is not dictating anything, he would have wanted to leave, but it is the UDP supporters who want him to stay and even if he is going to leave, it would not be now,” she noted. Secka further said the UDP is not going to contest in any alliance or Coalition in the upcoming presidential election and maintained that there is no degree of conflict that can destroy the UDP. “We have gone through lot of difficulties. I can tell you that all this noise is just enemies creating a semblance of disunity. Genuine UDP supporters are not in any dispute,” she said.]]>

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