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DCAF concludes training for female police officers on gender awareness

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By Olimatou Coker

Geneva Center for Security Sector Governance (DCAF) on Friday concluded training for 23 female police officers and 3 GID officers on gender awareness and development of a gender policy for the Gambia Police Force at Metzy Residence Hotel.

DCAF through funding from the European Union under the project Strengthening the Efficiency and Accountability of The Gambia Police Force conducted the gender awareness training for the officers.

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The training is followed by the development of a Draft Gender Policy which is shared with the  GPF command for validation and adoption as a policy document.

Speaking, Ken Isaac, Head of DCAF Office, said the day’s training  would build on the progress that has already been made by the Gambia Police Force in recognition of gender mainstreaming, which is one of the strategic intents of the policing doctrine.

 “DCAF  will be  keen to support. I will flag up the links to the doctrine just by the gentleman on the right is a pillar that in red says 1.6 of the police doctrine and it says gender mainstreaming is embedded in the organization culture.”

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“We’ll be pleased to assist you on that journey.”

Noting that he hopes this training and workshop will assist the participants  to develop their gender mainstreaming policy. “And as I mentioned previously, DCAF  will be pleased to support you at the next stage.”

Lala Camara, Police Commissioner of Banjul Division and also head of Gambia Police Female Network, disclosed the crucial role of female police officers in promoting gender issues in the security sector.

Chief Superintendent of the Gambia Police, Gas Sabally, Chief of Operations Bundung, described the training as a significant milestone in the history of the Gambia police.

According to CSP Sabally, the sessions were interactive, educative and very participatory.

She thanked the EU for funding DCAF to support the Gambia Police Force reform agenda in line with the doctrine of the GPF.

In her vote of thanks, Fatimah T. Mendy, a participant and also the Head of Gender at the Child Welfare Unit at the Gambia Police Force, thanked the organizers for the initiative, saying that the training will serve as a guide to her and it will also improve service delivery at her unit.  

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