Deciders in Sarehule youth championship


 The battle for quarter finals features tantalising duels which started last Thursday with Suduwol eliminating Dasilameh 1-0. This afternoon, Medina Samako and Bajakunda will face up at 3PM at Serekunda East Park while Dippa Kunda meets Gambisarra at 5PM.


Full fixtures:


Serekunda West Park

Thursday- 26, March – Alllunhareh versus Numuyel 3-PM

Julangel vs Garawol at 5 PM 


Serekunda East Park

Monday -30 March- Demba Kunda Kurumba versus Jajari at 3PM

Diabugu  Batapa versus Jarra Madina at 5PM 

Thursday- 2 April – Sabi Xasseh versus Maniai- Park at 5PM