Deputy Governor Musa Suso’s contract expires

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By Lamin Cham

The deputy governor of West Coast Region, Musa Suso, has left office following the expiry of his contract. Mr Suso was appointed in 2016 and survived the reshuffling of civil servants after the change of government in 2017 to continue in his job. He served under five governors and was the key implementor of the innovative Alkalo association of the region set up under former governor Sifaye Hydara. 

Using this body, Mr Suso built a strong and united bond between the two communities in the region; Foñi and Kombo.


Known for his energetic and sound diplomatic acumen, Mr Suso also served in the conflict resolution body of the region which received and resolved many land and community disputes in the region. 

A man of many seasons, Mr Suso is popular among people across generations in the region.