Detained PIU officers’ case coming soon – IGP

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By Alagie Manneh

The five detained PIU officers in connection with the Faraba fatal shootings in which three civilians were killed will soon appear in court, the acting Inspector General of Police said Tuesday.
Alhaji Mamour Jobe, who took over last Monday, told journalists it is hoped that before the end of the week, their case will be mentioned.

Reminded that the men have been in custody for almost ten days without charge, Jobe said:
“It is only when an investigation is concluded that you candetermine whether a crime in the first place is or was committed. So once the case is investigated, then those that are interpreting the law would look at the basis of the evidence and recommend proper charges if there is any need.”

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Acting IGP Jobe revealed that the arrested protesters have also since been released on bail.
Outlining his priorities, he said one of those is to bring down crime to “0%”.
He also dismissed claims that police investigations in crimes across the country never yield dividend, saying numerous files have been sent to the AG’s chambers for advice.
On assertions that Gambian police are incompetent, the IG said that is the perception of “some people.”
“Equally, on the same side of the coin, there are some people that are of the belief that despite the little resources, the police are doing their best.”

On why the PIU was armed with live ammunitions to quell a ‘peaceful’ protest, the IG said: “I will make that [why they had live bullets] very clear but with little comments. Section 20 of the police act, empowers the PIU in the discharge of their daily functions to be armed. The section says they are qualified to be

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