Diasporan says VIP tickets on ferries discriminatory

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By Amadou Jadama

Austria based Gambian Kebba Sunkung Barrow has urged government to get rid-off the recently introduced VIP tickets on the Banjul- Barra ferry services because the policy is a violation of fundamental human rights, a risk for corruption and ‘certainly discriminatory.’  

Mr. Barrow, a native of Baddibu Gunjur said he noticed one day that those who bought the so- called VIP tickets for their cars do not queue and are always given priority meaning that there is little chance for ordinary ticket holders to cross on any giving day.


“This is discriminatory. They might as well as increase the fees and let everyone pay similar fees and put everyone in a queue.  This VIP ticket should be scrapped because if not, it would only cause chaos,” he warned.

 Mr Barrow revealed a personal experience on February 19 when it took him hours to cross with is car because he bought an ordinary ticket.

He advised that VIP treatment be accorded only to medical or fire ambulances, vehicles carrying dead bodies, emergency health workers or security officers.

The Standard has contacted Yankuba Manneh spokesman of the GPA who said Mr Barrow’s queries are very important and they will at all times ensure that everybody is accorded equal opportunity in execution of the services.

He said reports and observations such as Mr Barrow’s are always welcome and are useful to the operation of the ferry service.