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‘Disband Barrow movement and foundation’

Political commentator and deputy head of Tango Madi Jobarteh has called on President Barrow to disband the Barrow Movement and Barrow Foundation because they are institutions that can encage corruption and patronage.
In a widely shared write up yesterday, Jobarteh said the two separate groups have the potential to derail the country.

“Let Barrow be informed that in a democracy, sitting presidents do not create foundations or institutions in their name. This is because the objectives of such a foundation or institution are the same objectives that the State has – that is to promote the socio-economic development of the Gambia, of which Barrow is the head. Where then is the borderline between his foundation and movement with that of the State? he asked.
Jobarteh then went: “When we elected Barrow, the Gambian people are paying him hundreds of thousands of dalasi every month, tax-free! We are giving him a five-star hotel accommodation facility at State House.


He enjoys excellent first class medial attention for himself and his family. These incentives, facilities and services are provided to the president so that he has no other business or issue to involve in or worry about other than focusing on the affairs of the nation. On top of all that we have a huge lifetime retirement package for him for life after the presidency. Hence to now create separate personal institutions to do what we are paying him to do already is a clear case of conflict of interest and an act of blatant corruption and disregard of the rule of law. What does Barrow want now?

“Where will this foundation generate funds? Who will donate to this foundation? Who will appoint the board of directors and management of this foundation? How will they be appointed? Will this foundation be submitting itself to the laws of the Gambia such as paying its fair share of tax and abide by the necessary regulations in place? Will public funds be diverted to this foundation as we saw happened with the Jammeh Foundation for Peace? Any minute Barrow spends on this foundation means he is cheating that minute from the State for which he is already being paid fully. These are some of the conflict of interest issues surrounding such institutions when sitting president creates them.”

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