Dou Sanno tackles Kandeh over election rejection

Dou Sanno tackles Kandeh over election rejection


Presidential adviser and strong NPP man, Dodou Sanno has reacted to comments made by GDC leader Mamma Kandeh who rejected the outcome of the December 4 presidential election results.

“I will not accept the results because they are not fair,” Mamma Kandeh had said in a recent audio.

Reacting, Dou Sanno warned Mr Kandeh against any subversive attempts to undermine the will of the electorate.


“I want to tell Mamma Kandeh that the majority carries the vote, and the majority has decided. Therefore, whether he congratulates Barrow or not, it doesn’t bother Barrow. He is not the person who wants to help democracy and that is why God never gave him what he desires – the presidency. In fact, the president never saw Mamma Kandeh as a competitor that is why even in all his rallies, he never made him important by mentioning his name. Our fight is with the UDP and they were the ones that Barrow was mentioning, particularly our elder Ousainu Darboe, who we retired on 4 December. Not Mamma. We never mentioned him,” Dou Sano told The Standard.

He enjoined Kandeh to be “calm and careful”, saying the die has already been cast. 

“The Gambian youths have decided and there is nothing he can do about that. Let Mamma be calm and careful. Let him wish the country peace. That is better than lousy talks that Gambians will never accept. This is what I want to advise him.  Let him love The Gambia and stay away from instigating conflict out of his hatred for Barrow,” he said.

He branded Kandeh as a “failure” who may never be able to take back his base Jimara from Barrow, talk less of the country.

“He will continue to fail. Even in the upcoming parliamentary elections, he must never dream about taking back Jimara ever again, so long as Barrow is here. Let him stay away from anything that may ignite violence,” Sanno warned.