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Monday, March 8, 2021

Dozens of Bakau natives turning to back-way again?

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By Domori Niuminka

The Standard has been reliably tipped that some young people from Bakau may have recently left on the perilous backway journey to Europe, with a further batch reportedly being prepared to leave this week.

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Our source said the first group that reportedly left about a week ago included young women.

“Everybody [from Bakau] is leaving. I too I want to go. I am selling my car to pay for my trip. I hope I will be able to sell it soon before the boat is full,” a young man told his peers.

“I am 30 years old now and I can no longer wait to search for decent life for me and my family. I should have gone some six years ago, when all my friends left but I had thought that I could make it here. I was wrong.”

According to our information, there are indications that the boat may depart The Gambia as opposed to the previous one which was said to have left from Senegal.

The PRO of the GID, Mamanding Dibba when contacted said his office is not aware of any boat that left or being planned to. “We don’t have any information regarding that.  Maybe you should give us [some information about their planned trip],” he said.

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