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Dr Ceesay is wrong

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Dr. Ceesay’s involvement in Gambian affairs has been highly questionable, and it would be wise for him to remain silent. When President Barrow came to power, Dr. Ceesay was one of the individuals who openly criticised Barrow, claiming he lacked pedigree.

Later, Dr. Ceesay became a party leader, of the CA, and was denied the opportunity to contest in the presidential elections of 2021. Ironically, he went on to support that very ‘clueless man he said lacks competence.

His political style is characterised by deceit, as he would meet with individuals whom he previously criticised for lacking pedigree, all in an attempt to sell his political party. This raises doubts about Dr. Ceesay’s own qualifications.

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Furthermore, as a civil servant, Dr. Ceesay should not actively participate in politics, as it is not permitted by the constitution. It is concerning that a university lecturer, whose role should be to educate Gambians from all political parties, is actively involved in political activities. Gambia is in need of sincere and dedicated individuals, and it is imperative that we do not entertain individuals like Dr. Ceesay. His entry into politics appears to be driven by personal gain rather than a genuine interest in the development of our country.

Lamin Samateh


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Diplomatic disgrace!

The reported unprecedented expulsion of three Gambian diplomats from the US for their alleged involvement in activities incompatible with their diplomatic status is disgraceful and worrisome.

Diplomatic appointments must be merit-based, especially for a mission as important as the USA. Recently, we have seen a worrying trend where inexperienced political operatives and loyalists are recycled as diplomats. Some such individuals regard their posting as an opportunity to pursue their personal interests and help relatives and friends rather than serve the State that spends millions on them from taxpayers’ money.

It’s high time that the Government restructured foreign service by sending competent and career diplomats to represent Gambia abroad in an honourable and dignified manner!

Basidia Drammeh

 Gambia needs a development finance corporation

In The Gambia we talk about private sector led growth, hoping that the private sector can invest heavily in the critical areas of the economy without government assistance.

 In the developing situation The Gambia is in, there is a need for a development finance corporation or bank to play a catalytic role in the socio- economic situation of the country. There is an urgent need to promote development in the critical areas of the economy such as agriculture including fisheries and the, industry of tourism. It is high time that The Gambia establish a development finance corporation or an agriculture and development bank to support the key sectors of the economy by providing: Long term financing to address critical gaps, providing financial intermediation and related services for the transformation of the agricultural sector, support SME and industry, assets financing equity and business advisory services,

A development finance institution would also enhance financial inclusion.

The Gambia needs to be placed on a high growth path over a long period of time to support a growing population and put the country on a sustainable path to development.

The GDP per capita in The Gambia is 666.47 and we have to move this higher up the scale to be on that path (2000 per capita). Market forces would not help achieve the growth that is required without government intervention.

Abdou Sara Janha

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