Dr Musa Touray:


Welcome to another edition of Trailblazer! It’s about the extraordinary people who live amongst us; Gambian brothers and sisters who’ve had the courage to step out of the crowd and create their own paths in life. They are either the first in their fields of work or one of a distinct few. In each edition we will bring you an interview with one of these trailblazers. The aim is to INSPIRE individual thinking, original thinking, and creative thinking; because that’s the stuff made of. 

Today we feature an interview with one of a distinct few in a field where, due to the precision, care and dedication required of the profession, there’s always a need for great ones – doctors. We introduce Dr Musa Touray, a founding physician of Bijilo Medical Centre. It takes a special person to be a doctor anywhere in the world yet among this lot of high achievers, Dr Touray has managed to set himself apart here in The Gambia through his unique brand of practice where heavy emphasis is placed on building a close rapport with his patients and dishing out suggestions of local home remedies that are effective alternative to modern medicine, Dr Touray knows how to strike the right chords that endear him to his patients while providing great medical service to our nation. Read on and be inspired by a young boy who had a dream to cure his blind aunty and how that made him the man he is today.



Please tell us about yourself?

My name is Musa Touray. I am a Gambian. I was born in Bakadagie, near Basse. I attended Methodist Primary School, Georgetown, Saint Augustine’s and then Gambia High School.


Describe your life’s work and why you chose that field?

I am a physician and I specialise in internal medicine which is a childhood dream. I grew up in Georgetown with my blind aunt. My dream as a child was to become a “doctor” so that I can restore her vision.


Five-point summary of steps you took to reach this station in your life’s work?

 Passed common entrance examination in Methodist Primary School with scholarship

 Best national science results GCE O and A levels

 Travelled to Germany via Libya to start university

 Finish undergraduate and post-graduate training in Switzerland and United States of America

 Channeled my efforts and resources to set up a medical centre in my home country

What was the most significant turning point in your journey from ordinary to trailblazer?


Acceptance in medical school in Switzerland

What impact are you having on the lives of Gambians?

 Providing health care to those who may need it.

 Encouraging the youth that they should aim at the sky to be their limit 


Who is the single most influential person in shaping you?

 My blind aunt

What is the most important life-lesson you would teach a mentee?

Develop a vision and go for it with discipline and hard work

Who is your role model & why?

 Dr Lenrie Peters





 Playing with children under five