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Introducing (Haddie Ndure)

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She is just 21 years old but among the few Gambian ladies making Gambians proud by taking up a challenging career to transform the lives of not only Gambians but Africans in the United Kingdom by giving them the platform to be heard and seen around the world.


Can you tell us about yourself?

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I was born in The Gambia and moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 13 and I have since then started working tirelessly to promote the opportunities available to people from similar backgrounds.


Where did you school?

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I did my nursery to grade 8 at Ndow’s Comprehensive School then I moved to the United Kingdom and did my General Certificate Secondary Examinations and A level in French, English and Creative Media Production. I am currently doing my BA (bachelor’s degree) in Journalism and History at De Montfort University.


What inspired you to choose journalism?

I chose journalism as my career because I believe it is one of the crucial media of channelling positivity and encouraging the image of Africa to the rest of the world. This is by making sure that young Africans especially those of us abroad, do not get coerced into losing our culture to fit in or be accepted. I believe in the beauty of being different and accepting it.


What else are you engaged in apart from journalism?

As a patriotic African first before a journalist, I aspire to contribute in elevating the status of Africa, whether it is the young people, the women or simply the culture. I like to think of myself as a representative of The Gambia and even Africa. Therefore, I portray this in the most effective way and I believe I can do this through my work.


What medium do you use?

I present my own shows on ‘Africans in London TV’ and BEN TV on both stations where I focus my shows entirely on promoting young Africans and providing them with a platform to showcase their work. I interviewed African artistes, fashion designers and football players while also encouraging them to share their story and journey to fame; I equally gave young African boys and girls role models they could relate to.


Who is your role model?

The woman who is full of substance, perseverance, hope, respect and hard work, my grandmother. She has achieved a tremendous amount of success in her life and brought up 3 very successful and religious children, her legacy lives on.


Do you face challenges in your work as a lady?

No, never! I have not faced challenges in my work because I had an idea of the people that I wanted and whoever I got in touch with and explain the purpose of having them on my show they gladly accepted and majority of the people I worked with are male but they are incredibly respectful and supportive.


Are there plans to work for your country?

Hmmm! Yes of course, I will love to do something great for my country because any one will love to give back to his/her home-town, there are lot of Gambians doing really well and collaborating with the ones back home will obviously create a better Gambia for all.


Words by Sise Sawaneh


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