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Ecomig troops donate blood to Gambian hospitals

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By Amadou Jadama

The Senegalese and Ghanaian troops under Ecomig stationed in Barra and Foni Wednesday donated blood to hospitals in Essau and Bwiam.

The donation which coincided with the World Blood Donor Day is part of the troops civil-military engagement.

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Dr Desta Tiruneh, WHO country representative, commended the Ecomig forces for the initiative and assured them that the donated blood will save many lives.

“We have a serious shortage of blood so the donation will go a long way in addressing that gap. This is a welcome move that deserves all sorts of commendation,” he said.

Dr Tiruned said there should be a massive sensitisation campaign to convince communities that donating blood has no negative health effect.

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Lieutenant Colonel Samba Faal, the Senegalese Battalion Commander, said the donation was facilitated by the Ecomig head of mission.

He said the Senegalese troops stationed in Foni have on several occasions donated blood to patients.

Col Faal said about 143 military officers were mobilised to take part in the exercise.

The CEO of Bwiam General Hospital, Kebba Manneh, said the hospital usually finds it difficult to mobilise blood.

He acknowledged that the Ecomig troops do usually support.

“Therefore, this day is very significant for us. We all have common goals that are to save lives, and this is part of their mission. In fact, their support is not only limited to giving blood, they also support us with doctors and nurses who are also with us in the hospital,” Manneh said.

He said the donated blood will be distributed to other hospitals.

Meanwhile the Ghanaian troops stationed at Barra were also out donating blood to the Essau District Hospital.

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