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By Omar Bah

The Ecowas country representative, Ambassador Miatta Lily French, has urged the West African troops in The Gambia Ecomig to remain neutral and ensure that their duty to ensure peace and stability in the country is not compromised.

Addressing the Ecomig-Ghanaian contingent under Gamcoy 7 marking Ghana’s independence and Ecowas peace medal wearing celebrations on Wednesday in Barra, Ambassador French continued: “I urge the Ghanaian contingent and all Ecomig troops to continue raising the flag of Ecowas high. Let your love and commitment to keep peace for others be non-negotiable.”

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Ambassador French further advised the Ecomig troops to continue all their operations that bring peace, remain neutral, continue to support the Gambian defence and security forces, and assist the local population in fulfilling the mission’s mandate.

She said the Ghanaian troops cover a very sensitive area of the Ecomig operation.

“I commend all of you and encourage you to maintain your dedication and hard work in the remaining days of your tour of duty. Wear your medals with pride, for you have earned them and let them leave a legacy of maintaining peace in The Gambia. Your responsibility at the Barra ferry terminal is very crucial to this mission. Your conduct, civil-military activities, and key leadership engagement and community within your area of deployment impact the success of the entire Ecowas mission in The Gambia,” she added.

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Ambassador French urged the troops to continue to engage and support the communities through donations and medical outreach to meet their need to improve the image and acceptance of Ecomig.

She also congratulated the Ghanaians on their independence anniversary.

The commander of Ecomig, Colonel Cheikh Omar Tamba, said the Ghanaian troops under Gamcoy 7 have demonstrated a tireless devotion to duty and live up to their motto of ‘we are dependable and never give up’.

“Your invaluable contribution towards the security of the nation is quite laudable,” he said. He said the troops have continued to ensure security and smooth operation at the Barra-Banjul ferry terminals.

“Gamcoy 7 always provides security to the president, dignitaries, and mission-related movements around the North Bank Region by providing escorts and other support,” he said.

He said that despite the challenges of needing to adapt to the weather in the area, the troops conduct regular patrols, including joint patrols with the Gambia Armed Forces. He also commended the troops for their unwavering civil-military partnership.

The Ghanaian Ambassador to Senegal with concurrent accreditation to The Gambia and Cape Verde, Emma Mensah, commended the troops for their hard work and commitment to duty. He said Ghana, since gaining independence, has contributed to several peacekeeping missions around the world to ensure the maintenance of peace and security.

A delegation from the Ghanaian army led by General KK Kwame was in town to witness the medal parade and independence celebration.

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