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ELECTORAL CYCLE ENDS TOMORROW 38 candidates vie for 8 mayor, chairperson seats

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By Lamin Cham

The last phase of The Gambia’s electoral cycle is tomorrow as Gambians across the country vote for mayors and chairpersons for the eight administrative councils.
An unprecedented 38 candidates are contesting, following the withdrawal of 2 from the initial 40 confirmed by the IEC.

The elections which start at 8 tomorrow morning will be held in all 1422 polling stations in the country where the votes will be counted on the spot.
The Independent Electoral Commission, IEC, yesterday deployed thousands of election staff and materials across the country in preparation.

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The commission said a national total of 7105 ballot boxes have been supplied to serve all candidates in all polling stations in their respective areas.
The breakdown is as follows: Banjul has 9 candidates; 35 polling stations and a total of 315 ballot boxes. KMC has 9 candidates, 287 polling stations and a total of 2853 ballot boxes.


West Coast has 4 candidates, 427 polling stations and 1708 ballot boxes. LRR has 2 candidates, 90 polling stations, 180 ballot boxes. NBR has 4 candidates, 183 polling stations, 732 ballot boxes. CRR south (Jangjangbureh) has 4 candidates, 117 polling stations, 468 ballot boxes. CRR north (Kuntaur) has 3 candidates,
90 polling stations, 270 ballot boxes.
URR has 3 candidates, 193 polling stations, 579 ballot boxes.
Polls close at 5pm.

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