According our sources, a number of GFF staff and top brass were invited to the NSC where they were questioned on the circumstances leading to the U-20 disqualification. Some of the key highlights of the questioning according our source centered on the fate of the all-important Caf circular on age criteria.

Those interviewed by the NSC Friday included Secretary General Abass Bah, Media Officer Bakary Baldeh, Confidential Secretary Victoria Roberts. Another source said the NSC’s report on the investigations and their recommendations would be ready early this week.

Meanwhile it was also reported that the GFF is still keen on a police investigation, as announced by President Mustapha Kebbeh who said as a professional independent investigative body the police are better suited to conduct an effective probe.


Analysts said the GFF may harbor the belief they would not get a fair hearing from the NSC as some of the staff there were members of the now defunct Normalisation Committee. 

But when this was put to an NSC official yesterday he replied: “Here they go again; sentiments have nothing do with this. This is a national duty of the sports council and our only interest is to find out what happened and recommend the way out”.


By Lamin Cham