Ever crying Africa


By George Bah

Is it because of selfish-myopic leaders? Or is it because of negative attitudes towards one and other? One clear fact is the reason of autocratic nature of African leaders. Most African leaders assumed power through the bullet and used that bullet to rule their people. In one finding, one may conclude that African dictators are the most intelligent of all beings in the continent. African Dictators will quell some ignorant people under their rule and expunge empathy and sympathy in their mind to be henchmen and henchwomen against their own people. Inflicting pain, agony and mass killings on people who own power especially the brilliant who would be on the position of defying the wrong doings of those leaders, will be the role and responsibilities of these thugs.

Yet African leaders will trample on every right that man is entitled with, take ownership of the lands resources with no sign of ploughing back the revenue from those resources, after being conditioned psychologically by the western world heads in so-called friendly ties and flimsy monetary aids. These however, happened in most African countries, the Gambia is a typical paradigm. Over a two decade of blood spilt which resulted to almost the most prominent in all domains of the country living in exile and others murdered mysteriously. The worst part of it is African leaders will be in a living condition tantamount to “paradise” while their people will be in complete misery, especially youths will be in a state of vagrancy.


The barbaric attitude towards one another is also another eminent cause. One has lived to see where a brother tore a brother’s flesh because of sort, one has lived to see where one snitched on another just for humiliation. The black race will stab one another just for fame and power. Most African folks who could have helped a brother be at a shining position by paving the way for them, will eventually lead you in devastating moves and after one has stumbled, plotting a blame will be their utterances.
Astoundingly, Africans hardly support talent, great minds of Africa who could possibly unite Africa someday are seen assassinated in cold blood by a fellow African. The black race sometimes grows to be bigots and sycophants amongst ourselves.

In the end the barbaric nature of these leaders, has left their people with no fruitful imagination but to end up in bloody civil wars. This has happened in must African countries, where differences in ethnic languages has led a country into complete turmoil, It happens that one tribe will claim superior amongst other tribes and embark on malicious attacks, killings in broad day light. And until today this fear of war outrages are on the going.

Also, the jealousy and greed is another prominent cause of why Africa is retarded. outstanding Africans, who have devoted their entire lives in the services of their people, are eventually assassinated by fellow Africans, because of the sort; Thomas Sankara to be mentioned and Deyda Hydara of the Gambia, were all good symbols for Africa, but all got slain by fellow citizens which were poor and sorry stories for Africa at large. And because of these monotonous behaviors, some folks who could have possibly make a change in some African societies evaded from the endeavor.

Ultimately, African heads have to catch in mind that they are servants of the people and should not be found disrupting and entire country. Moreover, African leaders must embrace criticism, and let go their devastating way of governance. As criticism is a mirror to the wise. Beside, one who is fed, driven and flown by public fund must accept criticism.

In most case, African leaders are found at “half-note”. How can one expect a high school graduate to drive an entire country to the right direction? This is what resulted to their forceful way of leadership, using power and intimidation to rule their people. Implementation in constitutions for people who are acquainted with knowledge and experience to lead the people should be a number one priority for law makers in African societies. Africans should however expunge nepotism and corruption on their minds, and stand shoulder to shoulder in critical moments; living the dream of overcoming the world.