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Ex Mayor says Essa Faal should be arrested

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By Omar Bah

The national mobiliser for the former ruling Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction has said new presidential aspirant, Essa Faal should be arrested for “wasting taxpayers’ money”.

The former TRRC lead counsel has recently declared his intention to contest in the December presidential election, shortly after he and his legal team completed their work at the TRRC, joining an already crowded field of presidential aspirants.

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However, speaking to Star Fm’s Pa Nderry Touray, Yankuba Colley, said Mr Faal should be arrested and charged with wasting taxpayers’ money.

“Essa Faal has compromised the TRRC and wasted public resources. He rendered the TRRC a nonsense commission. It is now clear that he was using the commission to gain popularity. I think the government should order for his arrest for wasting taxpayers’ money. We will disgrace him in December – he cannot win and I will make sure he doesn’t win,” Colley said.     

Halifa, Darboe, others to blame for Barrow’s failure

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The former mayor also said veteran politicians Halifa Sallah, Ousainu Darboe and Omar Jallow should be held responsible for President Barrow’s failure.

“We should not blame President Barrow because he has made it clear from the word go that he has no clue about governance. He was putting his hope on the likes of Halifa Sallah, OJ, Ousainu Darboe and the rest. These people were his hope, so if he fails, it is them who failed,” Yankuba Colley said.

The former Kanifing mayor further argued: “President Barrow has not failed. It is these people who failed because they didn’t give him the right advice for him to succeed. I am sure if things were going fine, they would have taken the credit. So they should not run away from taking responsibility.”

Colley said the alliance between APRC and NPP is between the two parties and not between the former ruling party and President Barrow.


Asked whether the APRC executive received any money from Barrow, Colley said: “We didn’t receive money from President Barrow or anybody. In fact, if we were really following the APRC for the sake of money we would have left by now. Money is not really an issue for us.”CLAIMS

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