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Monday, January 18, 2021

Ex-police commissioner dragged to court

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Yuma Loum, a resident of Yundum, said she provided a guarantee for Jawo to take a loan of D61, 349, 45 from Trust Bank. Mr Jawo however said the sum of the bond was D53, 882.81.

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In her testimony, Yuma told the court: “I can remember in 2011, this Omar Jawo was my police commissioner posted at Mansa Konko. He came with a form from the bank and asked me to guarantee him to have a loan, which I did.”

She testified further that Jawo had been paying back the loan up to July 2012 when he was dismissed from the police. Although the ex-commissioner later got employment with Jah Oil Company, he did not resume payment. 

“When the bank alerted me that the defendant is not paying back the loan, I followed it up with Jawo but to no avail. He keeps promising me that he will pay back the loan but he always defaults. At one point, my account went into the red and I could not even receive my salaries.”

The trial continues.


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