Ex-Senegalese soldier charged with Kololi salon murder


By Omar Bah

Papa Ebrima Khalilulaye Thiam, an ex Senegalese soldier, has been arrested and charged with the murder of Fatou Loum, a lady who was found dead in her saloon at Kololi last week.
The victim was found with both hands and legs tied suggesting foul play, which led the police to mount vigorous investigations.

According to police PRO David Kujabi, the suspect was arrested on Tuesday and it has been established that he was a Senegalese military officer discharged from the military in 1997.
“On the 24th January the Gambia Police Force received a case of homicide in which the victim was Fatou Loum, a resident of Lamin who had a beauty salon in Kololi. Fatou Loum was found dead with her hands and feet tied in her salon in Kololi,” PRO Kujabi said.


He further disclosed that the accused person claimed that he came to The Gambia in December.
“According to reports that we received from him, Fatou Loum visited his tailoring shop in Serekunda on the 24th of January and asked for a tailor and that she wanted some materials sewn for her but because she owns her own tailoring shop, she wanted this person to go with her to her tailoring shop,” PRO Kujabi said.
He said it was while they were in this tailoring shop in Kololi that the accused attacked her from behind with the intention to steal.

He said the suspect is currently helping the police in the investigation.
“We may not have enough material resources but what we have is human resources and a passion to do our work perfectly. That is what has actually yielded us this result,” Kujabi said.