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By Bruce Asemota

A few months after winning his case against the army for unlawful dismissal, ex- Gambian soldier Omar Sarjo has won another court battle.
Yesterday, the Banjul Magistrates’ Court presided over by Principal Magistrate Sidi Jobarteh, has acquitted and discharged him of the charge of attempting to obtain Gambian passport by false declaration.
Sarjo, a resident of Marakissa, was accused of being a foreigner who made a false declaration in October 2018 by which he attempted to obtain Gambian passport.
The prosecution called four witnesses to prove the charge against him while he too called four witnesses for his defense.
Principal Magistrate Sidi Jobarteh in her judgment disclosed that the prosecution failed to prove the ingredients of the charge against Omar Sarjo and did not find him guilty of the charge leveled against him.
Omar Sarjo was enlisted into the Gambia Armed Forces on the 1st July, 2005 and was dismissed in 2017. He challenged that dismissal and won it while going to court too for attempting to obtain Gambian passport by false declaration. He was also ‘wrongly’ referred to as the son of MFDC leader Salif Sadio.
Last year, the rebel leader denied ever having a child in The Gambia.

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