Ex-UDP NAM says opposition can’t stop Barrow’s victory


By Tabora Bojang & Mariama Jallow

The National Assembly Member for Latrikunda, Saikou Marong, has predicted a landslide victory for President Adama Barrow in the December election, claiming Gambians do not trust his former party leader and other opposition leaders.

Mr Marong told The Standard President will get a return mandate because he is an embodiment of peace and tolerance and is transforming The Gambia into a vibrant democracy.


“It is very simple and straightforward choice for most Gambians and I assure you that President Barrow is going to win with a landslide victory. We don’t have a serious and credible opposition. Even the opposition doesn’t have any problems with the system and the way the country is being governed; what they have a problem with is President Barrow, individually. Gambians are watching, and they know exactly what is happening. Come December everybody will be surprised, and you will know who these people are,” said Marong.

Saikou Marong was among the parliamentarians expelled by the UDP for their perceived loyalty to President Adama Barrow in 2019.  Today he is one of the staunchest supporters of President Barrow in parliament.

He said Barrow has “sincerely demonstrated political will and commitment to put in place strong democratic structures” in the country.

He explained: “The 1997 Constitution that Jammeh was using is the same constitution that President Barrow is using and yet the democracy that we have in this country cannot be compared to any democracy that is in the sub-region. The media fraternity is doing its job hitch free. The opposition will say President Barrow is just focusing on the construction of roads, let’s remember that construction of roads is part of development. If the Kombonkas have good roads, why not those in Basse, Wuli and even Niumi? They deserve amenities like roads, markets and hospitals. No one can say that is not development.”  

In a riposte to a recent statement by former foreign minister ML Sedat Jobe for President Barrow to forgo his stated ambition of seeking a new mandate this December, Mr Marong said: “I am not talking about a second term, Barrow deserves a third term. These people like the sound of their own voice. Even if President Barrow bespangles the whole of The Gambia with diamonds, they will say he should have used gold. They will never support anything that is good about the president. All they are interested in is looking at the lapses, not the good things he does.”