Family looking for missing son


For 6 days, the Camara family of Latriya has been desperately trying to find out what happened to their son who left home and never returned.

The Camara family has not left a stone unturned in their search for him.

Younusa Camara, father of the missing child Abdoulie Camara, said the 9-year-old had gone missing six days ago.


“The whole family is confused because we don’t know what might have happened to him. We call the government and all individuals to help in search of our son,” he said.

Mr Camara said the young boy left home ostensibly going to his (father’s) garage but when he left the garage, he never returned home.

“I am particularly saddened because my wife cannot stop crying. This is really affecting me emotionally. I could not go to work all these days,” he said.

The child’s mother, Maimuna Camara, said the disappearance of her son has devastated her over the past few days and appealed for help in the search.