Faraba accident death toll rises to 14


By Amadou Jadama

Police prosecutors in the trial of Alieu Jadama, an apprentice driver charged with rash driving and negligence, have informed The Standard that another injured passenger had died bringing the total to 14.

The accident happened on March 4 in Faraba when a truck collided with a gele-gele.


Jadama is being tried for rash driving and negligence causing the death of all 14 persons. He pleaded not quality. In a separate trial, his boss recently pleaded guilty to permitting an unlicensed person to drive the truck.

The full list of people who perished in the accident reads: Momodou Jang Jallow, Sainabou Kujabi, Buba Sambou, Jainaba Jammeh, Alagie Jammeh, Amie Jarju, Kaddy Colley, Landing Jarju, Bobo Sambou, Olimatou Jarju, Musa Tamba, Adama Jammeh, Sulayman Sillah and Muhammed Sillah.

Meanwhile, Jadama, who was unrepresented in court, had made an application for bail arguing that he is currently sick and cannot sleep at night.

Even though the prosecution did not oppose the bail application and the court knows that the accused has a right to bail under 1997 constitution the trial magistrate Mendy ruled that it is the duty of the court to ensure that the public has the trust and confidence in them.   She added that looking at the nature of the alleged offence committed and the number of lives lost, the court deemed it necessary to have the accused detained at Mile 2, pending the final determination of the case.